This Is a Fan game Made By alexander0025 as You can see This Is one of the games That Has Geno Returning (People Miss Geno)


Mario And Luigi

Mario: The older brother who's proud of his bravery and his 'stache. Teamed up with his brother and geno, he's ready to face any dangers.

Luigi: Mario's kind-hearted and luxuriously-mustached younger brother. He's a bit clumsy, but teamed up with mario and geno, he's ready for acton !

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Mushroom kingdom's beloved ruler, princess peach resides in her castle with many toads. She's always kidnaped by bowser but then saved by mario.

Who could have kidnaped peach other than bowser and why ?



Mario's n°1 enemie, the koopa king, he always try to kidnap princess peach.

What would happened if bowser merges with the Dark star... again



Geno is a warrior from Star Road and one of Mario's partners in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He was sent by "a higher authority" to restore peace to Mario's world. Although he takes the form of a wooden doll, Geno is presumably a star being.

He gave the gold miracle star to twink when sudently the dark star appeared and "kidnaped" all 7 star spirits and Twink.

He then went to find Mario and Luigi to warn them and help them on their quest.

Geno sm

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Story Edit

Everyone thought the Dark Star had vanished but it didnt, now it plots its revenge on the mushroom kingdom and kidnaps all 7 star spirits and Twink that hold the key to defeating the Dark Star then posseses Bowser, But Geno knews the Dark Star's plan and that he's still alive so then Mario and Luigi join him to defeat the Dark Star and Save

The Mushroom Kingdom!

Videos Edit

Here`s A Video About The New Giga/Giant Geno Battle Made By Alexander0025

thumb|300px|right|Giga Geno battle Updated

Here`s A Video about Updates Like Battle backs thumb|300px|right|Updates For Superstar Trio